Supernatural : Writer and Characters

SupernaturalSeason9The 18th episode of the 9th series of Supernatural offered me Heaven… No, not Dean’s 10 seconds in the shower (this is not sexy, ladies; the poor beggar is morally drowning! This is symbolic!… But this is another story), no it was heaven as a writer I reached !

Let’s be fair, there is not an awful lot of action in this episode, the shenanigan of series 8 and 9 is far from being solved (it’s even more complicated), so don’t be afraid of spoilers… Yes, there is not a lot of action, however,it’s one of the most brilliant, the most original episodes of the show (and there were already numerous brilliant and original episodes!).

I was carried away in this particular plot because of the relationship between writer and characters. Indeed, one villain of this season ventures in writing the story (yes, in Supernatural, sometimes the characters write the story themselves… before it happens), and this character’s opinion on writing is absolutely mine!

Some of you may shout and complain, but I am absolutely convinced that you’re not alone in charge of your fictions. The characters have their parts to play but also have a say on it. Yes, Ladies and gents, my characters had been able to astonished me in the past; they had acted again my authoress’ will… You, psychoanalysts of the literature, just go your own way, it’s something else than the subconscious! Even if you know where you are going (as Metatron explains it so well), sometimes the path is  surprising.

I have never planned everything in my writings. I could tell you about a supporting character… Yes, I’d just created him for one thing, his death. It’s a fact, I should have not get attached, but I’d never dreamt the power this character took on the plot, as practical he seemed to be in the beginning! and some of my creatures harassed me, they want to come back, they never want to stop!… Yes, I lend them their own will; but hasn’t Maurice Leblanc say, about Arsène Lupin, something like : « I sit at the table, it is him who writes » ?…

Sometimes, I put my pen, and I know they have influenced me… because it was planned like this… And they have win, because they know what is good for them…

Maybe it’s mad, maybe it’s strange, I give you that; and it’s why I really want to thank the writers of Supernatural, take my hat off to them, because we are on the same wavelength. It’s so nice to feel you’re not alone to love your character, to respect them, to let them have their own voice!

As a way to conclude, a quote from the episode:

« Now, do you understand that the universe is made up of stories, not atoms? »

I Will add this stories are powerful enough to drive the writers to tell them… And in the end, the writer always fades behind his creatures ; and I think it’s an amazing compliment. All the Conan Doyle of this world should meditate on this.


A character in command of the story… Well done to the SPN writers.