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Miss Méloë, our dear Consulting Blogger, said it a fiew weeks ago, some delicaties from across the Channell could scared (Dear opposants to British « cuisine » could I remind you that snails and Froggs are also quite scary, as a dish, I mean…)… The product I want to highlight is the Laverbread, a Welsh speciality which doesn’t seem really appealing at first sight, I give you that.



What is laverbread (from the Welsh: bara lafwr or bara lawr… don’t ask me to pronounce it)? simply seaweed To prepare it, the seaweeds are boiled during several hours before being chopped or mashed. The result is the gelatinous past you could see on the first pic. You could have it like this, on toast, or use in a sauce for the traditional dishes of lamb, crab or monkfish. Or you could have it as the laver-soup (cawl lafwr). Last, you could use it in the recipe I will give you in a few lines, a recipe explained to me by my friend Stuart, a welsh chef (but not an « amateur » of Laverbread, tho…)

This seaweed is linked to the town of Penclawdd (South Wales, but North of the Gower Peninsula), and for breakfast, you associate it with cockles (I don’t, but I don’t like seafruit generally). It still uses by the Welsh today, it’s not simply a touristic of folkloric dish. Furthermore, it has huge nutritional assets, a strong proportion of proteins, iron and high level of vitamins B2, A, D and C.

Before giving you the recipe, I let the last world to the famous Welsh actor, Richard Burton, who used to say about laverbread that it was the « Welshman’s caviar ».

Welsh Breakfast

for 4 PEOPLE

½ cup of oil, 8 large Eggs, 8 rashers of bacon, Tin of laverbread, Rolled Oats, Juice of a whole lemon, Pinch of salt and pepper, Knob of butter.


IMG_5267Mix the laver bread, oats, lemon juice, salt & pepper together in a large bowl and split into four.

In your hand, form large patties (or 8 small patties if you prefer) leave these on a sheet of greaseproof paper.

Into one large frying pan, place the 8 rashers of bacon and fry on both sides till nice & brown (place these on a baking sheet and put in a warn oven to maintain heat).

Into this frying pan add the knob of butter to lift the bacon juices place all the Laver bread patties and cook on both sides.

Meanwhile put the ½ cup of vegetable oil into second frying pan with the 8 eggs and gently fly to your own liking.

Arrange on each plate the patties, 2 rashers of bacon and 2 eggs

(it is also traditional to fry cockles in the bacon fat with the laver bread patties but this is not essential, as the taste can be a little strong for some people).

Enjoy !



La vraie demeure des Baskerville…

Il y a bien sûr plus d’une théorie quant à l’inspiration d’un écrivain, mais dans l’affaire qui m’occupe, il y a assez de preuves pour que je sois positive quant au résultat… Ainsi, il y a quelques semaines, je suis passée par la demeure des Baskerville, oui, la famille à laquelle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a emprunté son nom pour l’immortaliser dans ce qui est certainement la plus célèbre aventure de Sherlock Holmes

Baskerville Hall est maintenant un hotel, mais sa grandeur passé est toujours bien vivace et le bâtiment est une splendeur… Les paysages torturés du Pays de Galles valent bien la lugubre lande de Dartmoor…

Digital Image


L’entrée de la demeure… Cherchez le chien 🙂

Digital Image

Je suis sur que bon nombre d’entre vous s’imaginent descendant l’escalier en tenue d’apparât… J’en rêve en tout cas ! Je vois bien Sherlock Holmes descendre en costume, une cigarette à la main, ou Miss Marple, son sac à tricot sous le bras… Quand à Arsène, il serait très à l’aise, sous l’identité d’un consul de France par exemple, ou d’un grand d’Espagne, et il évaluerait d’un oeil expert les tableaux qui ornent les murs…

Digital Image

J’adore ce plafond… Admirez les blasons !

Digital Image

Facile d’imaginer Sir Henry s’aventurer sur la lande en passant par l’une de ces fenêtres, n’est-ce pas ?…

Digital Image

Vues depuis les mêmes fenêtres sur les montagnes galloises et la campagne environnante…

Digital Image

J’ai également fait un petit pélerinage au cimetière de Clyro, à quelques kilomètres, pour présenter mes hommages aux membres de la famille qui y reposent.

Pour en savoir plus sur Baskerville Hall, cliquez sur l’image : baskymain-title-640


C’est encore l’été !

Digital Image

Une petite pensée pour tous ceux qui croient qu’il ne fait pas beau au Pays de Galles… Voilà ce qu’on pouvait faire hier après-midi à Penarth… Boire son thé (je suis au Royaume-uni, quand même !) sur la terrasse d’un café situé dans la tour de la promenade fraîchement rénovée… En regardant la mer, les bateaux, et l’Angleterre au loin…

Digital Image

Montmouth, Wales (or, Well, England sometimes…)

The last week of March, we have leaved Cardiff for a great adventure, going to Montmouth on a special quest… Finding a good baker !

Believe me, it’s really a quest: I am French, and bread is a touchy subject for me… So, after the trial of the trying, I have to say that I finally find a good baker ! And not only the bread was delicious, but the cakes too ! Teacakes, Hot crossed buns, blondies and brownies, without forgetting the famous millionnaire Shortbread (still looking for one of that kind… a millionnaire, I mean 😉 ).

wigmores of monmouth

Wigmores of Monmouth

The little town is delightful to walk and wander in… I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, but the pics at the end of my article will give you a good idea how charming Montmouth is.

And it was the occasion of nice encounters. We discover a lovely shop whose owner is passionated about teas (a good thing, it’s what he sells in Mon Teas 😉 ). David J. Tovey was adorable enough to entertain us about tea, and believe me, he knows a lot (and I discover I know next to nothing !). Having a cup of his wonderful grapefruit tea while writing my article, I am eager to learn more (and to taste more) about the marvels in his shop… And he was kind enough to direct us to a lovely coffee shop just open (with roast in Wales coffee), as an addition to a delicious cheese shop, Flavours of Montmouth… 

mon teas


Some views of Montmouth

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Exile on Main street (private joke, sorry 😉 )