Much ado about Nothing – 2012




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Directed and adapted by Joss Whedon From the play Too Much ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare.

ado5It’s my favourite Shakespeare’s play. Yes, I know, there is some big weaknesses in it, everybody say so. Claudio and Hero’s story for example is a little… well… I won’t have forgot and forgave like her… But why directors and stage directors continue to play it again and again ? Because of the amazing characters Shakespeare has created in this particular play. Among all his brilliant, tragic, comic characters, the two forced lovers of this play are very special.

Because, don’t be full, the main plot of Too Much ado about nothing is not the marriage between Claudio and Hero, but the love who raises between Benedict and Beatrice, two witty, bold and free-speaking characters I have adored since I watched the Kenneth Branagh’s version years ago. Lord Benedict and lady Beatrice are both two clever to their own good, and their ability for showing off each time they open their mouths is what forbids both of them to experiment real feeling… It’s how I see it.

Joss Whedon directing Amy Acker (beatrice)

Joss Whedon directing Amy Acker (beatrice)

So, When Don Pedro  (reed Diamond) decides to make them fall in love with each other… The comedy begins and you could see the power of words, the power of ideas and then, the power of love…  It’s really a comedy about illusion, how illusion could become truth (good or bad).

Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof seem just born for the parts of Beatrice and Benedict! They said there lines has they were true Shakespearian actors but at the same time, Whedon offered pure comedy by his own vision of the stage directions. Whedon had some silent scenes (flashbacks) which explains the behaviour of Beatrice and Benedict, then, he felt free to be a little wild about the stage directions and release a comic talent in his directing.

A081_C005_1017RUAnd I am amazed to learn that the movie was shot in only 12 days at Josh Whedon own house; a shooting decided in a whim apparently (that explains all the actors are good friends of the director! Acker, Denisof, but also Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg he just directed in Avengers… A lot of brilliants actors, maybe not the most famous, but talent dominates).

And, I have to say I love the Black & White! It’s not because we have 3D and colours that Black & White is dead! Josh Whedon proves it with talent! It’s elegant like the old Hollywood comedies with Cary Grand and James Stewart (just try to watch Arsenic and Old Laces or Philadephia Story… you see… not a Wrinkle!), and Denisof and Ackle have something of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn… They are magnified by the black and white, and the story becomes timeless.

ado2So, my opinion?

I love it! of course… But really, even if you’re not a great Shakespeare’s fan, you will find this movie brilliant, funny (I could have told you about Nathan Fillion’s part – Small, but so full of humour and self-mockery!) and elegant. Elegance is so rare nowadays, one have to just enjoy it.


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