Il faut Sauver le Soldat Sherlock

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Dressed to Kill (English article)

511Other titles: « Prelude to murder » (puzzled me, this one… ) and « The secret code » (the less original, don’t you think?)

Sherlock Holmes is born 18 years before our friend Arsène Lupin… Sherlock Holmes is THE Heroes of the moment (BBC, I thank you)… But it’s now 126 years that he is a worldwide renown heroes… It must be some reason of it 😉

We’ll talk again about this…

With an unconditional affection for Mr. Brett and Mr. Cumberbatch who are perfect as Conan Doyle’s heroes for me, I was curious about the “ancient” Sherlock, and I confess that Basil Rathbone looks the part. As soon as he is on screen with the violin, no doubt, it’s him, the 221b Baker Street lodger, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. A Sherlock Holmes who leaves in the 40s and has given up the « deerstalker » for a Bogart-like hat… Why not?

However « Dressed to Kill » isn’t memorable (I was told), but nice. They talk about “Mademoiselle” Adler (Yes, The Woman will always haunted the adventures of the super sleuth she has beaten), and it’s another woman who is the enemy. Gang leader especially well dressed (How many poor creatures had been slaughtered for her stoles, I don’t dare thinking of it… Different times, different customs as we said in France, isn’t i?), She is not Irene, she is far from Irene.

Will Sherlock Holmes save the Great-Britain from counterfeiter by hunting three little music boxes? No need to answer this question. In 72 minutes, He deduced, investigated, acted brilliantly, but the plot isn’t really original and Sherlock is finally more like a private eyes well mannered than the so peculiar Doyle’s creature. He is too nice, only teased Watson, didn’t take it out on Mrs. Hudson and didn’t really do things out of the ordinary… No « mad” deductions, no epic disguise; no, the case is simple (and certainly would have thrilled the Sherlock Holmes of the books).514

All in all, a minor movie, but it’s we need some too… I still have to watch the documentary about « The many faces of Sherlock Holmes » in the DVD bonus. If there is something interesting, I’ll tell you! And now, beware, a small spoiler!

Put music at the core of the plot for the musician Holmes is… it’s charming! It’s obvious these 3 music boxes contained a secret code, but I like the idea a lot. The notes are a pretty secret code for a nasty purpose… It’s the occasion to underline a Holmes’ other talent. Often, the violin is only accessory, nevertheless, we can wonder about the detective’s passion. The violin is the instrument of emotion above all else. It’s also an instrument of creation… Even if Watson doesn’t stop telling us that Holmes is only a « deductions machine », he is above all a creator, and a kind of artiste. It is that the violin and the music remind us of (How many times, in the canon stories, a case ends by Holmes leaving for a concert?…)


And to finish on a tribute, let’s talk about Messrs Gatiss and Moffat, because in« Dressed to Kill », we find (I suppose) the origin of a scene of « Sherlock ».  Like in « A study in pink », Joe the pianist tells Watson that Mr. Holmes has cleared his name of an accusation of murder and Holmes has to precise that he could have proved that Joe was in the middle of a burglary at the very moment of the murder…