Potted Sherlock at the Vaudeville Theatre

The idea? 60 Sherlock stories, all the canon, in 80 minutes… Do you think I could do the review in 80 words?… I think I could do it in 8!


It was a… brilliant , spirited, funny, mad, irreverent,  and… elementary tribute!

I have the funny feeling you want more ? Again, it’s elementary, my dear budding Watsons…

10849931_1573775276174508_1942320188792607304_nPotted Sherlock Holmes’ adventures, it’s indeed a challenge, but Daniel Clarkson (who was Sherlock Holmes most of the time during the play… sometimes Moriarty and also… yes, also Irène Adler…) has already potted Panto, pirates and Harry Potter (and got a nomination for the Oliver Awards in 2012 for the latest) with his accomplice Jefferson Turner (Doctor Watson and grumpy narrator, Sherlock for a moment or two when he was able to put his hands on the deerstalker)… So, the monument of British literature that is sherlock Holmes surely seemed to be the evident next step.

10565023_1516465475238822_5737719835658261412_nAnd they know dear old Holmes, that the least I can say. Obviously, they don’t simply tell you the stories, that is … could I say elementary again ? well, I say it anyway. Just telling the stories on stage would be « boring » as BBC Sherlock would say… Benedict Cumberland… No, sorry, Cumbersausage maybe… no, it’s still not his name … well, Benedict is of course mentionned in the show… you can’t escape this guy… Like you can’t escape Frozen, or  Batman… Yes, I think you get it… This play is a  happy and delirious performance where Holmes plays Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty with a plastic saxophone, where Moriarty is a funny little man fed up to be a second-class archenemy (Could you tell me in how many stories he is actually portraited ? … yes, indeed ! 😉 ), where Jeff, our narrator tries to be serious while his Holmes isn’t… at all. A Holmes who doesn’t seem to really know his « little illustrated Sherlock » (Which is funny when you know Daniel Clarkson actually co-wrote the play), and where Mrs. Hudson (Lizzie Wort – who imposes herself on stage) would in fact prefer to play… Sherlock Holmes…  and she is great at the part. The actors have fun playing actors, and it is madness… all the more mad because the 60 adventures of Sherlock Holmes are all here, it’s proved by the meter and I am certain the portrait on the wall will testified so… even if he was eager to out-stage Jeff too… and of course, there is a hound or two… and The Proclaimers… yes, The Proclaimers (which Sherlockian wouldn’t walk 500 miles for dear Mr. Holmes ?)…

10351394_1573775309507838_6779732627303942566_nI‘d loved the Steam-punk scenery, and the practical jokes… yes, it was the final… the last bow… so the siphon of Reichenbach really became a waterfall for poor Jeff. I hope there will have a tour in the future, so it will be again a good exercize for my zigomaticus muscles. Jeff, Dan and Lizzie make the adventures of Sherlock Holmes a merry cacophony, but will all the respect due to the great tenant au 221B Baker Street.