Montmouth, Wales (or, Well, England sometimes…)

The last week of March, we have leaved Cardiff for a great adventure, going to Montmouth on a special quest… Finding a good baker !

Believe me, it’s really a quest: I am French, and bread is a touchy subject for me… So, after the trial of the trying, I have to say that I finally find a good baker ! And not only the bread was delicious, but the cakes too ! Teacakes, Hot crossed buns, blondies and brownies, without forgetting the famous millionnaire Shortbread (still looking for one of that kind… a millionnaire, I mean 😉 ).

wigmores of monmouth

Wigmores of Monmouth

The little town is delightful to walk and wander in… I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, but the pics at the end of my article will give you a good idea how charming Montmouth is.

And it was the occasion of nice encounters. We discover a lovely shop whose owner is passionated about teas (a good thing, it’s what he sells in Mon Teas 😉 ). David J. Tovey was adorable enough to entertain us about tea, and believe me, he knows a lot (and I discover I know next to nothing !). Having a cup of his wonderful grapefruit tea while writing my article, I am eager to learn more (and to taste more) about the marvels in his shop… And he was kind enough to direct us to a lovely coffee shop just open (with roast in Wales coffee), as an addition to a delicious cheese shop, Flavours of Montmouth… 

mon teas


Some views of Montmouth

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Exile on Main street (private joke, sorry 😉 )

Cowbridge afternoon

I spent Thursday afternoon in Cowbridge, a lovely little town of South Wales, a few miles from Cardiff. Cowbridge is full of Lovely shops, Charity shops and boutiques and it’s a pleasure to wander in them. As it was a pleasure (by a more clement weather some times ago) to visit the ruins of the castle and the gardens… cowbridge We went for tea in an old-fashioned, traditional bakery on the Main Street, cute in the kind of way my grandmother loves to visit. All traditional bread, cakes (bread puddings, custard slices, custard tarts, Welsh cakes…) Then, we do some scouting in the shop, seing some adorable cuddling toys (why Teddies would only be for children 😉 ), clothes, jewels, cups…. and ended in the sweets shop (sane remarks as previous!). I resisted temptation of shopping… I surely will not next time. Then, it was tea time, and we stopped at the Arboreal, a lovely place for eating some bites… Nice deco, friendly service, Welsh coffeee and delicious pizza…

pizza arboreal

precisely, this pizza : tomatoes, eggs, parma ham and water cress.

This was a nice way to end the afternoon, chilling in this nice coffee shop/restaurant… even with the rain making its grand « entrée ». It’s Britain, after all 🙂 …  


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