Supernatural : The roads not taken by Tim Wagonner

5122lRyx99LI don’t always read ‘interactive books’, but when I do, it has to be Supernatural… Obvious. To be honest, The Roads not taken by Tim Waggoner is the first I ever read, and I’d quite enjoyed the experience. Being part of Sam and Dean’s investigation is new and refreshing, and I suddenly discover being a hunter is not easy (well, from the first time I watched an episode of Supernatural, I had always been convinced I will be the 5 first minutes victim…  Now I am sure… Well, maybe with a little training, I could make till the second commercial 😉 ).

synopsis : This interactive adventure lets Supernatural fans control the action for the first time, as they follow Sam and Dean Winchester in their quest to battle the monsters, ghosts and demons lurking in the darkest recesses of America. But remember: If you make the wrong decision, another victim could meet a dark and gory death. So, follow all the clues, interview the right suspects, and make the right choices…

There is 4 short-stories in this book, at first it has annoyed me. How could you get the time to make choices in 30 pages ? But never underestimated a Supernatural writer… This short-stories are finally an all-story, if you get what I mean, and the little things go to a greater one…

I enjoyed the four adventures, they are all different, they are all very « Supernatural », faithful to the show (as always with the series of books), but adding new interests and original monsters. I enjoyed making bad choices too (yes, weird, I know), and even when I did the right ones, I take the time to read the other possibilities… Sorry Sam and Dean, I enjoy when you win, but I enjoy when you lose too (I mean when you die, again… and again…), because Tim Waggoner is really good for unexpected twists and gruesome deaths…



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