Pride by Matthew Warchus

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This is a feel-good movie only UK has the secret for. And let’s add it’s also a true story…


Synopsis : Summer 1984, Margaret Thatcher rules the country, her decision concerning the mines bringing the National Union of Mineworkers to strike. In London, during the gay pride, young gay activists decide to help the miners in their fight…but the Union is more embarrassed by this help than grateful, so the young people decide to bring the money directly to the miners, and pick randomly a village in Wales… 

andrew-scott-prideI decide to go and watch Pride, I have to confess, because of its casting first… Among the youngsters, Andrew Scott, the best Moriarty Sherlock Holmes ever fights with, Joseph Gilgun (who is for me the perfect actor to be one day some Doctor you may know…) and George MacKay, discovered in Hunky Dory, liked in How I live now, adored in Sunshine on Leith… On the side of safe bets, Bill Nighy who doesn’t need introduction (Love Actually, Wild Target, Hot Fuzz, Harry Potter, etc.) and Imelda Staunton who is miles and miles away from her part in Harry Potter.

What I will keep  in mind from this movie, beyond comic or tragic performances which deserve praises (Russell Tovey, who is only on screen for a few seconds, really touched me ; Dominic West, kind of sad clown who hides his wounds behind the flamboyance of the has been artist ; Scott, Nighy and Staunton who sound really Welsh – Believe me, it’s not that easy…), Beyond this talented artists, I will keep this movie’s message of solidarity, the strength of these young people, persecuted by the police, the government, and even their families, who decided to help other victims of persecution… It was courageous, all the more miners weren’t the most gay friendly population… 


Pride film still

What I will also keep in mind, something which is unfortunately always topical (and always will be), it’s the steamroller of the power which destroy lifes, families, in the name of a morality which is the one of capitalism… I had the opportunity to talk about this time with Welsh friends, and one thing comes out… Power (Miss Maggy, to give it the name French singer Renaud used in one of his song), not only destroyed a part of the country by impoverishing it ( I had visited miners town, like Merthyr Tydfil, and believe me, 30 years after the place is still down), but also destroyed the truth people has in their « protectors ». The picture of the good Bobby is only a memory now… By throwing the police against the miners, Margaret Thatcher has created a hate still alive ( Reading advice : Filth by Irvine Welsh). In front of this intentional division ( I can’t believe polititians don’t understand the consequences of their actions, I just can’t), in front of this hate, those few young people, persecuted themselves, chose compassion, solidarity… which wasn’t an easy thing, if you considere the image the press had given of them (the stupidity you could read in newspapers…).

Go see this movie, really. It’s touching, the characters are magnificent… characters who are (or was) in fact real people… It’s unusual to have such a beautiful, full of feeling movie without the cheesy part of feeling… And, it’s also a true story, witch is quite warming nowadays…

Well done Matthew Warchus, for bringing this story to the big screen.


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