Ten Inch Hero by David MacKay (2007)


En Français : ICI

This is a discreet movie which is a great pleasure… Indeed, it’s a rom com, but let’s pass the appearences. Moreover because, it’s the message of the movie!

this Independant movie from 2007 by David MacKay, directly released in DVD (which is not  a dishonor!), Ten Inch Hero introduces us to a group of young people who work in an old hippie’s sandwich shop. Trucker (John Doe) is a kind of surrogate father for Jen (Clea DuVall), Tish (Danneel Harris) and Priestly (Jensen Ackles). The movie starts when Piper (Elisabeth Harnois) sees this on the shop window : « Help Wanted. Normal people need not apply »…

Then, we follow the highs and lows of this charming team… Jen has a crush, but online, and she is afraid of meeting the guy (if it’s a guy). Tish date each and every guy who pass the door of the shop if he looks wealthy, whereas Priestly languishes for her… but because he looks like a cool punk, he is invisible for Tish… Trucker is in love with Zo (Alice Krige), the owner of the Wicca shop on the other side of the road, but doesn’t dare to tell her. And there is Piper, who had a baby when she was 15, 8 years ago, and think she has found her again. She is suddently a part of the life of this little girl and her dad, Noah (Sean Patrick Flannery)…



Cherry on the cake, the impressive collection of humoristic T-Shirts wore by Jensen Ackles in this movie.

Indeed, this really looks like a rom com. It’s rom com twists. But, the character are nicely built and lovable. Then, you discover that appearences are deceptive most of the time, that you have to go deeper, or you will miss your chance. Universal message, I grant you, but I really enjoy the characters, especially Jen and Piper, adorable and « normal » girls. Trucker offers some surprises, and the usual dynamism of Jensen Ackles creates some good moments of humour (the scene when the girls send him shopping, with tampons on the shopping list, is anthological). The soundtrack (which got an award) is lively, the Californian landscape beautiful.

This is a must watch movie, a feel-good one you could watch curl up on your sofa with chocolate (and more chocolate, and even a little more… You will understand while watching the movie 😉 ).

The official website of the movie: HERE


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