Montmouth, Wales (or, Well, England sometimes…)

The last week of March, we have leaved Cardiff for a great adventure, going to Montmouth on a special quest… Finding a good baker !

Believe me, it’s really a quest: I am French, and bread is a touchy subject for me… So, after the trial of the trying, I have to say that I finally find a good baker ! And not only the bread was delicious, but the cakes too ! Teacakes, Hot crossed buns, blondies and brownies, without forgetting the famous millionnaire Shortbread (still looking for one of that kind… a millionnaire, I mean 😉 ).

wigmores of monmouth

Wigmores of Monmouth

The little town is delightful to walk and wander in… I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, but the pics at the end of my article will give you a good idea how charming Montmouth is.

And it was the occasion of nice encounters. We discover a lovely shop whose owner is passionated about teas (a good thing, it’s what he sells in Mon Teas 😉 ). David J. Tovey was adorable enough to entertain us about tea, and believe me, he knows a lot (and I discover I know next to nothing !). Having a cup of his wonderful grapefruit tea while writing my article, I am eager to learn more (and to taste more) about the marvels in his shop… And he was kind enough to direct us to a lovely coffee shop just open (with roast in Wales coffee), as an addition to a delicious cheese shop, Flavours of Montmouth… 

mon teas


Some views of Montmouth

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Exile on Main street (private joke, sorry 😉 )

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    • If everything goes my way, I will move back in a few months… I’m really eager to be there (well in Cardiff, but it’s not far!) I dream to visit Japan… I hope in a couple of year to be able to go for a few weeks.

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