One of my favourite recipes ever. It’s simple, easy and elegant. and quite stunning on the table too 😉

so, give it a try and enjoy! 

Grapefruit cream with raspberries and meringues

Serves 4.

3 pink grapefruits; 250g of raspberry (or strawberries; but it is better with raspberry)

4 eggs; 15g of butter; 200g of sugar

With a grater, take the zest of one grapefruit above a strainer. Plunge it in a pan of boiling water. Freshen it in cool water, strain it and plunge it two more times.

In a bowl, whip the eggs with the blanched zest, the juice of one grapefruit and the sugar. Mix with the butter cut in small pieces. Cook for 25mn in a bain-marie on low heat; don’t stop mixing to get a smooth cream.

Divide it among verrines. Let it cool down in the fridge for two hours (better when done a day in advance, my opinion anyway).

Peel bared the two other grapefruits. Pull off the segments between membranes, remove all the inner peel.

At the last minute, fill the verrines with the fruits and one or two little meringues on top.

Serve cool.

pamplemousse 1

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