(En Français : par ici)large_sherlockWhat is indeed the best Keept Secret?

Is that Sherlock  Holmes can care?

When is brother Mycroft is jailed and accused of treason, Sherlock Holmes who claims to be retired has no other choice than try to find to solve a problem which could be final for Mycroft… Despite the opposition of the British government who sends Lestrade telling Holmes to stay retired. As if!

There is a lot of secrets in this play… And I won’t reveal then, of course.

But, what I could say is that this show was a bliss from the beginning to the end. The action, dialogues are intelligent, thrilling, funny and a lot of time witty… Hearing Irene Adler screaming at the Great detective « No shit, Sherlock! » made the all audience roaring in laughters. It was indeed a nice allusion… And it’s not the only reference to past and present Sherlock Holmes.Jason Durr as Sherlock Holmes

I don’t know if it’s me, but the elocution of Jason Durr, who brilliantly impersonated the famous tenant of 221B Baker Street, reminded me of Mr. Jeremy Brett. Durr was a perfect Victorian Holmes, haunted by his secret (because in the play, everybody has secret…)

The rest of the cast was great too. Andrew Hall is a very old-fashioned Watson, very carrying for his friend, ready to do anything for him.  As for Irene Adler… She is full of secrets too and seeing her living under the same roof as Holmes (it’s not what you think! promise!), and calling him Sherlock (again, not what you think! What naughty minds you have! Dear!)… I love Irene Character – all incarnations, because there are many different adaptations of the female genius of Doyle – and this one is another version, brilliantly offered but Tanya Franks…

Yes, It’s difficult to talk a lot about this play without letting slip one or two of the secrets… So, I will add that I have loved the scenery, and the ambiance of the so old-fashioned Cardiff New Theatre. It’s the perfect case for this jewel of a play. 

if you’re in Manchester next week, just go to the opera House to see it, you won’t regret it!

Andrew Hall, Tanya Franks and Jason Durr

Watson, Irene Adler & Holmes



Sherlock Holmes JASON DURR

Doctor Watson ANDREW HALL


Mycroft Holmes ADRIAN LUKIS

Inspector Lestrade VICTOR MCGUIRE


  1. Maiiiiiheuuuu. C’est trop inzuste. Ca avait l’air génial. J’aurais adoré voir la pièce. La photo et tes commentaires donnent vraiment envie.

    • Vu le succes de la piece, elle sera rejouer! (toi tu as vu Arsene Lupin contre Herlock Sholmes! :p )
      J’en garderai un tres bon souvenir! surtout l’humour… ex: moment critique, Sherlock part en coup de vent, Watson s’apprete a le suivre, mais prend une inspiration pour faire une declaration… le publique est pendu a ses levres et la, il lance « shit! » Eclat de rire general… Je pense que l’auteur du script a vraiment compris l’essence des personnages (pas comme certains cineaste francais avec Lupin…) et a su en meme temps jouer avec les regles et faire des references modernes! le « no shit, Sherlock » a ete un sacre moment de rire aussi! et je vais « investiger » sur l’acteur principal, parce qu’il m’a bluffe (en sortant, c’etait – presque – Benedict qui ? :p )…

      il faudrait la traduire pour la France, ca serait une grande idee!!!

  2. Quel dommage, cette pièce a l’air tellement tentante mais Manchester est assez loin de chez moi…. 😦
    Et Jason Durr n’est pas moche de sa personne. Tu confirmes pour l’avoir vu on stage ? 😀

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