Dear Professor Moriarty (2)

The king is dead, long lives the king!

10 years in the limbs, except for The Hound of the Baskerville…

10 years without their hero.

Sherlock Holmes’ fans had the great detective back in 1903, after a lot of pressure, including Doyle’s own mother (who must have known how to convince him… except, 10 years!)

And like in « The Final problem », Sir Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t have put all his skills in the reborn of his hero. He did it again! With Moran instead of Moriarty! An “M” for another…

This « Empty House » is empty, indeed! If you forget the “coup de theatre” of the resurrection (which is really serial like – and yet, I like the serials of this era!), there is nothing left!

But really, nothing!

Watson is interested in a criminal case.

Watson fades at the sight of the friend he believes death for 3 years.

Watson, like if everything is ok, follows him to Baker Street.

Watson witnesses the arrest of Moran, and he is restored in his part of faithful confidant…

This is “the Empty House”! I hope the Empty Hearse (!) will offer us more surprised and that BBC Watson, alias Martin Freeman won’t give us the fading scene (when you have been in Afghanistan and when your hand never shakes under pressure, you won’t fade this way; this is my personal deduction!). On the other hand, I expect a wonderful scene from Mrs. Hudson! To pretend to being dead for three years, what a fuss!

But, back to the Canon…

Yes, this short-story is not a lot, except for the big scene in Watson’s office. And the good doctor deceives me, because, personally, I would have some difficulties to forgive point-blank and to be amazed but this resurrection (vindictive, me?)… And, for the Moran case, it’s not really complex: The colonel – Moriarty’s Watson – wants to revenge his lord and master (Best friend, maybe… Even the Napoleon of crime could have a best friend), and so, he waits patiently for Holmes in the House facing the 221B, doesn’t thinking of a split second that the detective, who escapes the Falls, wouldn’t think of protect himself  and would stay nicely at gun-range…

I hope I’m not too unfair, but I think Doyle has written some very alive short-stories, much more alive, much more mysterious, and much more brilliant (“The Dying detective” is a gem! I can’t grow tired of “The speckled band”…). So, as for the death, as the resurrection of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle hasn’t pushed his skills…

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